November 8, 2016

Tracks for 2017

Amplify 2017 will feature 10 tracks, plus a post-Amplify Organic Outreach Intensive.

When you register for Amplify 2017, you will be asked to sign up for a track. We ask that you stick to your track as much as possible during the event due to space.


Creative ArtsWithout question, we live in a time when visual communication, storytelling, and empathetic connection are top cultural currencies. Marketplace enterprises over the last decades have used this currency to their designed ends, but the Christian mission enterprise on the whole has not. The Creative Arts track will bring together creatives and non-artistic leaders in order to primarily equip those who don’t know what to do with creatives and artist by providing an (1) understanding of creatives and the creative arts and (2) understanding of the strategic role they must play in the mission enterprise. Come and consider, perhaps for the first time, how to operate in the heart language of our culture. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS TRACK >>

City Reaching–Every Man, Woman, and ChildDo you have a vision for your city? Join the leaders of Christ Together to discover what God is doing to bring The Church together in 60 plus cities across the US to saturate their geographies with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS TRACK >>

Evangelism & LeadershipThe Evangelism and Leadership track is for senior pastors and senior leaders who have a desire to bring change to their churches, denominations, organizations, and movements in the area of evangelism. We are seeing God recapture the Church for His mission, and recenter the mission on evangelism in many places across the country. We will explore best practices, methods, and approaches to change leadership in the area of evangelism. We will also explore paradigms of evangelism that can motivate many of our people in whole new ways and at whole new levels for evangelism. We will have world-class presenters and a world-class conversation about what God is doing to bring a fresh wind of evangelism all across our nation. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE TRACK >>

EvangelistsThe office of evangelist noted in Ephesians 4:11 is a gift to the Body of Christ. Evangelists help equip the Church for winning the lost to Jesus Christ, utilizing many creative means for sharing the good news. The heart of this track is to go in-depth on the role of the evangelist as a vibrant, active member of the Body of Christ, blessing the church and working with the church as they utilize their spiritual gifting. This Next Generation Alliance-sponsored track is ideal for those whose primary ministry is evangelism. Come and engage with sessions such as the Evangelist and the Local Church, The Inner Life of the Evangelist, a Collaboration and Innovation in Evangelism panel discussion, and much more. While facilitated by the Next Generation Alliance team from the Luis Palau Association, participants are not required to be members of the Next Generation Alliance. All Amplify attendees are welcome and encouraged to attend. If you are looking to gain valuable insight on the impactful role of the evangelist in the life of the church and beyond, this track is for you. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS TRACK >>

Everyday Evangelism: The radical shifts and rapid changes in our culture demand a serious review and revision of how we think-and-do evangelism. This track will create a 6-segment, 6-topic, learning community to help you rethink your assumptions and and recalibrate methodologies. Thought-leader presenters, best-practice labs, interviews, roundtable format…all are based on the ambitious challenge to reorient evangelism upon an apologetic of love. Our love for God expressed by our prayer-fueled love for the lost and the least; in our neighborhoods and in their lifestyle-affinity culture. Segment 6: You leave with action steps toward an evangelism that equips and empowers everyone (your sphere of influence), everywhere (community-campus-city) to express the gospel every day. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS TRACK >>

Justice & Evangelism: Poverty & power, gender and sexuality, immigration and the movement of peoples, race and racialization–these are some of the issues the justice track will address. This track is designed to equip the Church to missionally respond to key kingdom areas of justice. Each session will help attendees understand the justice issue being addressed from a kingdom perspective as well as offer examples of how to provide justice leadership in the Church. A discussion on the track can be found before, during, and after Amplify 2017 on twitter through #justicesummit17. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS TRACK >>

Next Generation: Churches today struggle both to keep and to reach the next generation. These digital natives offer unique challenges to ministry while providing hope for the future of the Church. Leaders in this track will examine urbanization, diversity, the family, and how to bring an unchanging gospel message to a generation accustomed to rapid change. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS TRACK >>

Rural Evangelism & Church Planting: With over 48 million people in rural America, there is an emerging movement to plant churches in rural areas. As more people and resources move to urban settings, the rural heartland has gradually become under-resourced, overlooked, and often forgotten. Men and women who heed the call to ministry in rural areas often fall off the radar, as they bear the burden alone. Mainstream church-planting resources are often not helpful. Rural church-planting strategies are markedly different from strategies in any other context. How does evangelism and church planting work in a town where everybody knows your name? How can a church planter find resources and mobilize volunteers in the rural context? This track explores those tough questions. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS TRACK >>

Smaller Churches: Most of the churches in the United States are smaller membership. Smaller membership churches are significant in many ways. In this track, we will explore the significance of smaller membership churches and their unique place in kingdom ministry. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS TRACK >>

Workplace: Are you called to live out your faith in the workplace and business? Are you a shepherd called to serve those in the workplace? Less than 3% of adult Christians are in vocational ministry. The rest of us are called to manifest God’s presence in business, government, education, government, media, arts and entertainment, and family. These workshops are designed for those in these areas as well as shepherds who want to learn how to better equip workplace leaders to be effective in their faith life. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS TRACK >>