March 6, 2017

Reaching Your Cross-cultural Neighbors Track Information

Globalization has more people on the move today than at any time in history, bringing many in need of the gospel into our cities from diverse places. Our diaspora reality poses the greatest challenge in equipping people for the task of evangelism. How can we effectively reach our cross-cultural neighbors with the good news? How can a local church reach their ‘Samaria’, those close in proximity, but distant in culture? How can we better understand the complexities of our nearest mission field? This track tackles the emerging 21st-century church focus of diaspora mission. You will leave with a game plan to bring back to your church, ministry, or network.


Tim-Ahlen-amplifyTim Ahlen serves as pastor of Forest Meadow Baptist Church and oversees six generations of churches numbering 165 congregations, with more than 10,000 in weekly attendance. Tim also serves as the Executive Director for Great Commission Initiative and as Unreached People Group consultant with the Dallas Baptist Association. Married to Lynda for 42 years, they have three daughters and five grandchildren.


Brian-Considine-amplifyBrian Considine serves with Christ for All Peoples and with the Mission America Coalition. Brian leads the Love2020 affinity sphere for Diaspora Mission Mobilization and has recently launched Loving All Neighbors as a prayer-care-share strategy for local churches to embrace their cross-cultural neighbors. Married to Debbie for 32, they have a college-aged son and a daughter.


Chris-Cooper-amplifyChris Cooper led a team that founded the Mapping Center for Evangelism and Church Growth in 1997 and currently serves as President. Since its inception, churches, in many denominations across the 50 states, have used Mapping Center to pray and share for millions of homes.


Sam-George-amplifyDr. Sam George serves as Global Catalyst for Diasporas with the Lausanne Movement. Sam holds degrees in engineering, business, theology, and missiology. Sam in an author, thought leader, mentor to emerging leaders, and expert on global migration and diaspora Christianity. He lives with his wife and two teenage boys in the northern suburbs of Chicago.


Jared-Looney-amplifyDr. Jared Looney has served in urban mission for more than 20 years and is the Executive Director for Global City Mission Initiative. Jared holds a Master of Arts in Theological Studies and a Doctor of Missiology. He is the author of Crossroads of the Nations and co-author of Mosaic: A Ministry Handbook for a Globalizing World.


Sue-Patt-amplifySue Patt has worked as a mobilizer since 1982 with Frontier Ventures (USCWM). Her primary responsibility includes serving as the Perspectives National Program Director. She has been developing deliberate friendships with Muslims since 1980. She and her husband, Fran, have three young adult children and live in the Philadelphia suburbs.



  1. More New Americans than ever speak another language at home and are non-Christian.
  2. There are more than 15 million immigrants in the U.S. representing Unreached People Groups.
  3. Based on current trends, by 2050 that number will exceed 50 million.
  4. Our cross-cultural neighbors are often open to knowing more about Jesus but…
  5. Very few churches are actively engaged in reaching their cross-cultural neighbors but…
  6. Discipling the “nations” is our mission mandate and you’ll come away with the information you need to lead your church into the 21st century!