March 7, 2017


The office of evangelist noted in Ephesians 4:11 is a gift to the Body of Christ. Evangelists help equip the Church for winning the lost to Jesus Christ, utilizing many creative means for sharing the good news. The heart of this track is to go in-depth on the role of the evangelist as a vibrant, active member of the Body of Christ, blessing the church and working with the church as they utilize their spiritual gifting. This Next Generation Alliance-sponsored track is ideal for those whose primary ministry is evangelism. Come and engage with sessions such as the Evangelist and the Local Church, The Inner Life of the Evangelist, a Collaboration and Innovation in Evangelism panel discussion, and much more. While facilitated by the Next Generation Alliance team from the Luis Palau Association, participants are not required to be members of the Next Generation Alliance. All Amplify attendees are welcome and encouraged to attend. If you are looking to gain valuable insight on the impactful role of the evangelist in the life of the church and beyond, this track is for you.


Keith-Cook-amplifyKeith Cook is Founder and President of On The Go Ministries, an international evangelistic outreach ministry. Keith has led outreach ministry projects in over 40 countries. He serves as Dean of On The Go Outreach Training School, training people of all ages to be effective ministers of the gospel.

Panel: “Collaboration & Innovation in Evangelism”

Alan-Greene-amplifyAlan Greene is the CEO and Founder of LifeLight Global, facilitating the annual LifeLight Music Festival in Sioux Falls, SD. With the conviction of an evangelist and his complementary background in business and ministry, he’s gained a broad perspective on the calling for the Church today.

Panel: “Collaboration & Innovation in Evangelism”

Pat-Palau-amplifyPat Palau, wife of international evangelist Luis Palau, has enjoyed a growing sphere of ministry, both on her own and in conjunction with the Luis Palau Association. Through speaking and writing, she effectively presents biblical truths and shares transparently of her struggle with cancer and her life as an evangelist’s wife.

Workshop: “Lessons from the Life of an Evangelists’ Wife”


Kevin-Palau-amplifyKevin Palau is the son of international evangelist Luis Palau and President of the Luis Palau Association. Under his leadership, LPA has developed new models for citywide outreach that integrate major community service initiatives with open-air evangelistic gatherings. Kevin’s first book, Unlikely: Setting Aside Our Differences to Live out the Gospel, was released in June 2015.

Workshop: “The Role of the Evangelist in Gospel Movements”

Mark-Slaughter-amplifyMark Slaughter has served 27 years as an evangelistic communicator with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, communicating the gospel on college campuses, at conferences, and in churches across the country and abroad. At his unique “Question Mark” events, Mark responds with compassion and biblical truth to people’s spiritual questions and issues facing today’s culture.

Workshop: “The Inner Life of the Evangelist”

Steve-Wingfield-amplifySteve Wingfield serves as CEO of the Steve Wingfield Evangelistic Association, dedicating himself to full-time evangelism. He is able to fulfill his life-long dream of taking the good news of Jesus Christ to NASCAR races around the country through Victory Weekend Ministries.

Panel: “Collaboration & Innovation in Evangelism”

Jim-Williams-amplifyDr. Jim Williams is the Vice President of Discipleship and Counseling ministries at the Luis Palau Association. He is an author on subjects relating to biblical counseling and was managing editor of a new translation of the Bible into Spanish called the NTV (Nueva Traducción Viviente) with Tyndale Publishing House.

Workshop: “Bitterness: One of the Greatest Barriers to the Evangelist”

Jose-Zayas-amplifyJose Zayas is active in global missions, speaking at conferences and outreaches across the United States, Europe and Africa through Jose Zayas Evangelism International. He also serves as Lead Pastor of 26 West Church in Portland, Oregon. Jose is the author of AIRBORNE: Getting Your Faith Off the Ground.

Workshop: “The Evangelist and the Local Church”