March 6, 2017

Evangelism & Leadership Track Information

The Evangelism and Leadership track is for senior pastors and senior leaders who have a desire to bring change to their churches, denominations, organizations, and movements in the area of evangelism. We are seeing God recapture the Church for His mission, and recenter the mission on evangelism in many places across the country. We will explore best practices, methods, and approaches to change leadership in the area of evangelism. We will also explore paradigms of evangelism that can motivate many of our people in whole new ways and at whole new levels for evangelism. We will have world-class presenters and a world-class conversation about what God is doing to bring a fresh wind of evangelism all across our nation.


dave-ferguson-amplifyDave Ferguson is Lead Pastor of COMMUNITY Christian Church in Naperville, IL. He loves helping people find their way back to God and starting new churches. Dave also provides visionary leadership for the NewThing network. He is President of the Exponential Conference, equipping church planting leaders around the world. He is the author of The BIG IDEA (2007), Exponential (2010), On The Verge (2011), Discover Your Mission Now (2013), and Finding Your Way Back To God (2014).

Kevin Harney-amplifyKevin Harney is a local church pastor, author, and international speaker. He is the Founder and Visionary Leader of Organic Outreach Ministries International. Kevin is the author of the Organic Outreach series of books (with his wife Sherry), the U-Turn Church, and many other books and studies. He trains movement leaders (church, denomination, and national) in how to transform the culture of an organization from being inwardly focused to evangelistic on every level.

Rick-Richardson-amplifyRick Richardson is Professor of Evangelism and Leadership at Wheaton College and the Director of the Masters in Evangelism and Leadership and the Masters in Missional Church Movements degrees. He has recently been appointed an Affiliate Professor of Evangelism and Mission in Western Contexts at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He is also a Graduate Faculty Scholar with the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism (BGCE), where he directs Evangelizing Churches, a pastor cohort coaching, resourcing, and research arm that serves and equips local churches for witness. He also directs the research arm of the BGCE for all things related to evangelism and culture.

Sanchez-webMichelle Sanchez is Executive Minister of Make and Deepen Disciples for the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination. Her dream is to foster a multiethnic movement of disciples who make disciples across all ages. Breakout Topic: A Fresh Dream for Discipleship: Making Disciples that Make Disciples. What would it look like to switch from a mentality of simply ‘helping people grow’ to actually making disciples that make disciples? Come for a robust and interactive conversation about the connections between discipleship and evangelism. Let’s dream together about what it would look like for the church to excel in disciple-making!

Beth Seversen-amplifyBeth Seversen is the Evangelism Team Leader for the Evangelical Covenant Church. Beth served as a church planter and as Associate Pastor. Formerly, Beth was Associate Director of the Masters in Evangelism and Leadership and the Masters in Missional Church Movements and adjunct faculty at Wheaton College. Beth is currently pursuing a doctorate in Intercultural Studies researching churches effectively reaching emerging adults.